500Investments – What Can the Aggregated Reviews Teach Us about this Broker?

Given there are still mixed opinions on whether 500Investments is a scam broker, a broader analysis of multiple user reviews is necessary. Multiple trusted websites had pointed out that some broker reviews are written with the purpose of creating a false negative image around particular brands, only to help others gain more customers. However, traders don’t want to get caught up in this fight and instead, want to know who they’re dealing with and whether any given broker is actually scam or legit.

This material will focus on whether 500Investments is scam and by analyzing reviews from multiple sources, an elaborated conclusion will be provided, hopefully helping traders interested in the brand to gain more insights into the company’s ability to serve their needs. The main focus will be to get rid of the subjective reviews that had been the main focus of some websites that are not interested to provide accurate information but to make sure to improve some brokers’ image by damaging others.

Analyzing 500Investments user reviews

To be certain that all the reviews mentioned will be genuine, the focus will be on several websites that have proven to be reliable over many years. Traders from all around the world are using them to assess whether any online broker is legit or not.

Starting with Trustpilot, one of the most popular review websites in the world, 500Investments already got 95 different reviews. Kathryn Taylor, who had also reviewed other two brokers, had awarded the brand 5-stars, highlighting the simplicity of the website and that she’s trading with 500Investments since 16 months ago:

“Everything was so simple to understand on the website. I opened an account an it took me like 5 minutes to be on top of everything there. Started trading immediately, haven’t stopped for the past 16 months.”

500Investments TrustPilot page

Nicole Stockton, a person with 4 different reviews on Trustpilot, had awarded 500Investments 4-stars, because the broker’s website got stuck once in the past year. Still, it is mentioned the broker fixed the problem and everything ran smoothly ever since:

“I had the site get stuck once in the past year I’ve been using it. Called them up and they fixed in no-time all the bugs. Ever since then its been going smooth.”

Not all reviews are fully-positive, though, showing that 500Investments, like any other broker out there, still has things to improve. Vaden Dastous had given the broker a 3-star review, talking about the simplicity of the platform, but highlighting that a mobile app would be more than welcomed:

“The platform is so simple to understand and they give you all the datThe platform is so simple to understand and they give you all the data you need. Shame they don’t have an app, thougha you need. Shame they don’t have an app, though.”

500Investments TrustPilot, eventually it’s a broker

500Investments also got tens of different user reviews on sitejabber, another place where genuine traders from all around the world share their experience with the broker’s they’ve dealt with. At present, 500Investments has a consumer rating of 3.42 stars from 50 reviews, showing that most consumers are generally satisfied with the services provided. Jeffrey T. talks about the customer support service:

“Customer service is on point and excellent to say the least. I managed to buy bitcoin at $2390 and my broker advises me weeks earlier to buy more. During these last couple days I managed to make great trades and sell Btc at $3.5k. So thrilling and I am totally in this for the long term. Such kind people. Have to work with people that also are helping friends of mine.”

Other customers like Sandra L. are highlighting the same benefits of the customer support and the responsiveness of the representatives:

“Excellent service. They respond to all my e-mails on time and when requested to have a chat, they called me right away. Very professional in all round!”

Charles C. considers the 500Investments platform is very and secure, and at the same time, mentions that he had no problem in using it thus far:

“My opinion is very good, and at the same time it is general. The platform is very good and very robust… the operations are relatively easy to digest. I have not had any kind of problem and I think they are excellent.”

500Investments SiteJabber

Same as with the other website, there are plenty of people offering good and very good reviews for 500Investments, including Charles W., which although had awarded the broker a 3-stars review, he talks about the good experience and the help he got from his account manager:

“I have had a good experience so far with 500investments platform. My account manager was very helpful and supportive.”

People who are looking to find what other users believe about 500investments and whether it is a scam or not, can perceive the reviews on both websites as highly informative and covering a broad range of features currently available at the broker.

Reviews-oriented websites talk about 500Investments

Aside from the broad range of user reviews currently available on the web, traders interested to find out more about 500Investments can also benefit from plenty of published reviews that explore objectively all the trading tools and benefits that the broker is providing. One 500Investments review from a forex-oriented website talks about the variety of trading instruments covered, the flexible leverage, as well as the competitive spreads:

“With 500investments traders can trade the global financial markets on over 1,000 different assets like forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The maximum leverage is 1:400 for forex, but it goes down to 1:5 for cryptocurrencies. Spreads are fixed or floating, depending on the asset class, but all contracts have overnight swaps associated as another trading cost. Clients have the ability to diversify their holding across many markets and instruments, being able to spread risk.”

One of the main takeaways from 500Investments, aside from its broad instrument coverage, has to do with its attention to cryptocurrency trading. As a crypto-oriented website is highlighting in its 500Investment review, traders can benefit from tens of different cryptocurrency instruments, denominated in fiat currencies or cross crypto pairs:

“One of the main highlights, when we talk about 500investments, is the fact that the company enables trading on many cryptocurrency-related contracts. Those who want to trade Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum Classic, Dash, and plenty of other tokens, are now able to trade CFDs, both fiat in euro, US dollar, and yen, as well as cross pairs. Up to 1:5 leverage and decent spreads are available, but also, traders should keep in mind that there are overnight swaps as an additional trading cost. It’s much easier to trade contracts based on crypto than using a traditional exchange platform, the main reason why 500investments integrated these instruments into the offer.”

as crypto oriented site highlighting

What these and other websites share in common is that they don’t put some brokers in a negative spotlight, only to promote intensively others. They share relevant information about each brand and advise readers to do their own research, before starting to work with a broker. People that are looking for a new broker to work with should be attentive to subjective reviews and try to make a final call based on actual facts.

share relevant information about each brand

Is 500Investments a scam or not?

Considering there are so many positive reviews about 500Investments on various reputable websites, it is clear that this is not a scam broker. With multiple years of experience in the trading industry, it is fully committed to work on clients’ behalf and make sure they get an optimal trading experience at any given point.

The reviews highlighted are all genuine and come from people that have already tested the trading services provided by 500Investments. Meaning, they are being paid exactly as cinema critiques or art critiques are paid, to share their objective insights on different brokers, and to review the financial services they provide.

Everything they said can be double-checked, and double-checked again, considering the large amounts of information available online. Some information can always be verified with the brand’s representative. Ultimately, opening an account and testing the conditions in a demo environment will always make things even clearer.

The bottom line

After exploring a broad range of 500Investments reviews online, the bottom line is that there is more than enough evidence to state that most of the online reviews consider 500Investments as a reliable broker.

People that are not yet sure about the reliability of the brand, should make their own research and try to address the many feedbacks the broker has already received.

It would be extremely important, though, to make sure that the opinions are balanced and genuine, considering some of the review providers are hiding multiple conflicts of interests, derived from paid collaborations with other brokerage brands. Read as many reviews possible, what the aggregated reviews can teach you about 500Investments.